With the advent of  Covid-19 in early 2020 and LockDown the days of going to work and seeing everyone you work with changed.


- the days of going to work and seeing everyone you work with are gone, at least for a while.

CoVid-19 and the future of work:

a. Flexible work arrangements will become normal;

b. Remote options will be created for jobs and taks that were never, or rarely, remote;

c. The pros and cons of contract or gig work will become stark, and appropriate legislation will quickly be brought in;

d. Gender norms will erode more quickly, as working carers and parents manage domestic structures, roles and responsibilities in new effective ways;

e. The cricticallity of the human side of work will become apparent.

The ways in which we see and interact with one another to: communicate, build teams, establish trust, collaborate, and achieve effective results have all changed. Lockdown or physical separation brings a new set of issues and problems. Moreover, community, team, and business leaders should adapt by bridging the gaps that can occur when people work apart from one another.

What was once a non-traditional way of working is now commonplace across the world.


2 . How to Participate in our new Virtual World, and learn to accept and use Geographically Dispersed Teams

Managing and participating from a distance is a growing reality for all of us across a broad spectrum of organizations and industries. Therefore, if this describes your ordinary day-to-day-life, your team, your colleagues, or your “new” organization - or how it could become where you work - you need to prepare to build bridges accept e-working across the virtual workplace. Look around the new 2020 world, we all notice there are signs everywhere of the need to change with evolving times and ways of leading or managing our everyday lives. What became more complex since the 1980s with increases in mergers, expanding global operations, decreased travel budgets, and worker demands, propelled many global organizations and systems to adopt a different approach to work and social life. The advent of  Covid-19  has enabled everyone to re-assess and modify the way we lead our lives into geographically-dispersed environments. And this means we all need to construct bridges - and close gaps - to connect ourselves to other people in the virtual world. This required is to construct elements to create and enforce as much as we are able:

√ Trusted structures and processes;

√ Communication with people we have never met in real-life;

√ Increase performance so that jointly we may all benefit from new ways of working and interacting.

The author has been in this e-world since the 1970s, and updated his working papers to show how to do that, and explore a few what-ifs along the way.

3. Daily lives and Business Leadership in our new virtual work environment 




Business mentors are key - we don’t get there alone. And neither will you. 

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